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What is Remanufacturing?



To define remanufacturing simply, it is the process of taking apart a no longer functioning product and re-building and refurbishing it to be usable again. Not to be confused with recycling, remanufacturing is much more involved than simply recycling a part. There are all kinds of products that can be remanufactured from heavy duty machinery parts, bridge components, automobile parts and pieces, steel panels, and electrical components.

With the need to re-use as much as possible, remanufacturing not only impacts the cost of creating new products, but also the environment; in a good way. In a time where earth-friendly choices are important, remanufacturing allows us to be less damaging to the environment while manufacturing the products we need for projects of every scope.

When considering pieces for remanufacturing it is important to keep in mind the following points to determine if it is truly worth undergoing the process:

Once you’ve considered the factors determining if it is a good option to remanufacture, the next step is undergoing the remanufacturing process. Finding reputable and proficient machinists and manufacturing facilities is important, as the success of your project will largely depend upon those doing the work. Ateliers BG is experienced in a wide variety of manufacturing and machining projects, and has the expertise and facilities to undertake the largest of projects in a timely fashion.

The basic remanufacturing process consists of:


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