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Quality Assurance

Precision Machining Backed by Quality Assurance.

Our dedicated attention to our customer’s needs and the emphasis we place on meeting and exceeding project deadlines and specs all contribute to our success as one of the best precision machine shops in the province. Another big part of our quality assurance that we extend to our clients is our up-to-date certifications and compliance with leading industry standards. We have achieved and maintained our ISO-9002-94 quality assurance certification and ISO-9001 certification.

Precision Machining Means Certified Welders, Machinists and Skilled Team Members.

When you come to Ateliers BG, you are coming to the one-stop-shop for qualified machining professionals. All of our team members have extensive experience, credentials and the necessary certifications and training to offer precision machining services. When you bring your project to us, you gain access to a team of creative and qualified individuals who are committed to delivering high-end results on ever project we take on. 

Precision Machining Means Effective Quality Assurance and Control.

Our quality assurance process makes certain that each and every project we take on, and the components we produce; meet or exceed the specifications set out in the initial design stage. From conformance to specified tolerances, measuring and testing during a precision machining process, to the sourcing and use of quality materials; our commitment to quality ensures that only top-quality finished parts are produced.

Precision Machining Means We Run a Tight Ship!

Our shop floors are kept tidy and clean. Materials and tools are kept stored away and safety is of utmost importance. Not just so we can appear like we care; but because we do! We care about the safety of our employees and every person in our facility. We transfer this attitude into the production of our precision machining projects as well; making sure that each one is handled carefully and with utmost attention. That means your project comes out top-notch—every time.

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